Private investigator missing person Miami Beach South Beach

Private investigator missing person Miami Beach South Beach

Private investigator missing person Miami Beach South Beach
Private investigator missing person Miami Beach South Beach

A missing person is a person who has disappeared and whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed as his or her location and fate are not known. Laws related to missing persons are often complex since, in many jurisdictions, relatives and third parties may not deal with a person’s assets until their death is considered proven by law and a formal death certificate issued. The situation, uncertainties, and lack of closure or a funeral resulting when a person goes missing may be extremely painful with long-lasting effects on family and friends.

A person may go missing due to the accident, crime, death in a location where they cannot be found (such as at sea), or many other reasons, including voluntary disappearance. In some countries, missing persons’ photographs are posted on bulletin boards, milk cartons, postcards, and websites, to publicize their description.

All investigations, regardless of type or purpose, depending on the gathering of factual information. Gathering factual information is the main purpose of any investigation about a missing person, without which no case would be solved, no stolen property recovered, and no missing person located. Factual information in a concise written report is the product that we sell to our client.

Today’s private investigator Miami Beach South Beach must learn to think of himself as a highly sophisticated camera with the lens always open, recording and observing everything.

Regardless of the case, the private investigator Miami Beach South Beach wants answers to the questions who, what, when, where, how, and why. The private investigator Miami Beach South Beach is often the last hope for many people.

Three methods that private investigators Miami Beach South Beach use to obtain information for a missing person are:

  1. Researching public records in a missing person’s investigation
  2. Interviewing individuals with relevant information in a missing person’s investigation
  3. Surveillance of individuals to learn about their behavior in a missing person’s investigation


The following attributes are the special qualities that will help you achieve success as a private investigator Miami Beach South Beach:

A private investigator Miami Beach South Beach is Suspicion in a missing person’s investigation

Be cautious of obvious things and wary of persons who are quick to provide alibis and identification. Demand verification whenever possible.

A private investigator Miami Beach South Beach has Curiosity in a missing person investigation

Develop your own curiosity and follow up on it. Have the desire to learn the truth. An inquisitive mind is essential to the private investigator Miami Beach South Beach.

A private investigator Miami Beach South Beach Needs Observation in a missing person investigation

Your five senses are important tools of the trade. It may be important for you to remember unusual things about an individual (i.e., his manner and posture or the way he dresses). Learn to observe details.

A private investigator Miami Beach South Beach has Memory in a missing person investigation

The ability to recall accurately the facts and events or the physical characteristics of a suspect is a valuable skill.

An Unbiased and Unprejudiced Mind in a missing person’s investigation

Bias and prejudice will result in a poor investigation, unfairness to suspects, and clouding of facts that need to be uncovered objectively. Do not let personal likes or dislikes interfere with investigations.

Ability to Play a Role in a missing person’s investigation

This skill is especially important for private investigators Miami Beach South Beach who work alone most of the time. Using his own identity could expose the private investigator Miami Beach South Beach to recognition and danger. The ability to assume convincing identities is particularly valuable in surveillance, undercover activities, and a variety of confidential inquiries.

Persistence and Capacity for Hard Work in a missing person’s investigation

Private investigator missing person Miami Beach South Beach
Private investigator missing person Miami Beach South Beach

Many times, you will find yourself working late into the night to follow-up a promising lead or question a particularly valuable witness.

Interest in Your Work and Pride of Accomplishment

True success in any profession is based on sincere interest and pride in a job well done. The knowledge that your efforts can bring a criminal to justice, locate a missing loved one, or save a business large sums of money can bring you immense satisfaction.

Street Sense in a missing person’s investigation

You should have an intuitive understanding of the way the world works and how people move through it. This can be developed and refined. The more time you spend on the street and the more attention you pay to detail, the sharper your street sense will become. This can be learned and sharpened as you work in the investigative field.

Good Listening Skills in a missing person’s investigation

You need to be a good listener in order to effectively communicate. In order to be a good interviewer, you must be able to understand the person who you are questioning. If you do not have good listening skills, you will never be an effective interviewer. Therefore, you will not be a successful legal or corporate private investigator Miami Beach South Beach.

Ability to Put People at Ease in a missing person’s investigation

In order to convince people to submit to interviews, you need to be able to “schmooze,” which means to make people feel comfortable talking to you. This is a very necessary skill to have in order to conduct successful interviews.

Ability to Speak at the Level of the Audience

There is nothing that turns a person off quicker than someone speaking down or using language that is difficult to understand. You must be able to speak to anyone from a high school dropout to a professional doctor in language that is appropriate and understandable.

Understanding of Body Language

To know if a person is truthful in an interview situation, you must be able to read body language. As a legal private investigator Miami Beach South Beach, you may interview a potential witness for 30 minutes. At the end of that time, you must gauge that person’s honesty and credibility as a potential witness.

Understanding of Human Nature

People are people regardless of the circumstances you may be investigating. As private investigators Miami Beach South Beach, we see people, our clients, subjects, and suspects, often at times of extreme emotional distress.


You need to have belief in your ability to handle any situation. If you possess the above skills, you will be successful as private investigator Miami Beach South Beach and, more importantly, as a human being.

Private investigation combines the skills of both science and art. Given the proper knowledge, tools, and money to operate, few cases exist that cannot be solved if the private investigator Miami Beach South Beach devotes the time and energy necessary to complete the assignment.


There are several types of investigation that will become part of your routine as private investigator Miami Beach South Beach.

Criminal Investigations

Private investigators Miami Beach South Beach work either for the victim or for the defendant or his attorney in criminal proceedings.

General Investigations

This category includes a wide variety of investigative activities. Included here are the location of witnesses and missing persons, serving of legal process, skip-tracing, checks on employee dishonesty and fraud, security surveys, bodyguard work, surveillances, etc.


Private Family Investigations

Investigations involving theft and embezzlement of family funds, theft and embezzlement of trust and estates, and the location of missing persons and runaways.

Homicide, Suicide, and Missing Persons Investigations

Death investigation including apparent death that may be staged for the collection of life insurance benefits.


Your effectiveness as private investigator Miami Beach South Beach will depend largely on your ability to obtain information from the following sources.

Scientific Examinations

This type of evidence may be provided by modern, well-equipped laboratories maintained by law enforcement agencies, private investigative agencies, universities, corporations, and medical centers. Any type of physical evidence from blood samples to metal scrapings can be analyzed. As private investigator Miami Beach South Beach, you may find yourself using such sources.

Records and Documents

A great deal of information concerning a suspect, missing person, or wanted man can be found in some of the records and documents of government and private agencies.


Over one million people are reported missing each year. Many of these people are considered “skips”, a person who for whatever reason of his own chooses to leave a given area. You will find that no one disappears without a trace. If you, as the private investigator Miami Beach South Beach, devote enough time and effort, and you follow the proper techniques and procedures, nearly everyone can be located. There are three major exceptions to this rule: the very rich, the very criminal, and the very dead. Usually, the longer a person is gone, the easier it is to find the person. Most skips or missing persons eventually leave either paper trails, verbal trails, or both.

Phase One. The Initial Interview for missing persons

Every missing person case begins with an interview. The purpose of the interview is to develop a body of reliable information that is useful in an actual investigation. The client who is seeking the help of the private investigator Miami Beach South Beach is likely to be emotionally upset and unable to provide accurate information without careful guidance from the private investigator Miami Beach South Beach.

Maintain an approach that helps the client remain calm. Project a personal image of professional competence. Allow the client time to relax before beginning a series of probing questions. Let him know that you will follow an orderly logical procedure.

Keep in mind that most missing persons leave situations that they consider unbearable. Your client may not recognize or want to reveal the nature of the circumstances that led to the disappearance. In practical terms, this means you should not accept at face value the initial statements made by the client such as, “everything was all right at home” prior to the disappearance. As a private investigator Miami Beach South Beach, you function much as an attorney does, for the benefit of your client.

Give your client looking for a missing person a quick preview of the kind of information that you will be seeking and then proceed in an orderly fashion to interview him.

You will be seeking information in three areas:

–         Has this missing person run away or disappeared before?

–         What was the motivating factor that caused the person to leave and be missing?

–         What does the missing person look like?

Previous Disappearances of a missing person

A surprising number of runaways are repeaters. Clients may not readily volunteer information about previous disappearances for fear of embarrassment.

Be sure to ask if the missing person has run away before. If so, then the client can provide valuable information about probable destinations. Gather all the information you can about the previous incident.

Take the opportunity to check police reports about the disposition of any previous disappearances and missing persons.

Description of a missing person

During the initial interview get a full, detailed description of the missing person. If possible, obtain a recent photograph. Keep in mind that the client may not be able to give you a satisfactory description because he is upset. Plan to get a supplemental description from friends, associates, and schoolmates. A complete description includes the following elements:

The vehicle used, make, model, year, body style, license number, color, and condition of the vehicle used by the missing person.

Phase Two. The Investigation of a missing person

After you have completed the initial interview, you are ready to begin the actual investigation. As you uncover additional information and clues, you will need to speak with your client many times. These follow-up interviews will enable you to eliminate inaccurate information initially provided and concentrate on following clues provided by new information.

The three steps you will follow during the actual investigation include the following.

Check the Bad News Sources for a missing person

Before going ahead with an extensive and costly investigation, you must determine if the missing person has already been found. This means checking area hospitals and jails. If you suspect suicide or other foul play, check the medical examiner’s office. If these sources reveal the missing person, then the investigation is complete. If they do not, then you have the basis for further investigation.

Check Personal Belongings of missing persons

The personal belongings of the missing person can provide important clues to the disappearance. This is especially true with juveniles. The personal effects should be examined including mail, clippings, items found in a purse or briefcase, items found in dresser drawers, and contents of an automobile glove compartment.

Follow-up Investigation of a missing person

Although you may develop sufficient information from the initial interview and check of personal belongings to successfully proceed, there may be times when you need to do additional investigation. Such follow-up investigation may involve people associated with the missing person and aspects of the individual’s life.

It may be necessary for you to dig deeply into the missing person’s social activities, medical history, family history, and employment record. The investigation into these areas may reveal patterns of unbearable stress that motivated the individual to run away.

Records of local government offices, such as state employment offices, relief agencies, and Department of Motor Vehicles may provide clues to temporary residences. Comments made by a missing person’s friends can be significant. You learn that the person missed his last class and friends add that he was acting strangely on the night he last attended.

This can be an important clue in establishing the time of disappearance. Lifestyles are also significant. If the missing person is a gambler, pool player, gun collector, golfer, and so on, then his activities and associations provide additional clues as to his whereabouts.

As a private investigator, Miami Beach South Beach, your role in such instances will be to determine their whereabouts and assure the client that the missing person is safe. Do not act as a marriage counselor. Reconciliation is a separate matter to be worked out between the involved parties.

Runaway juveniles Investigations or missing person

As with other missing person cases, investigating juvenile runaways involves initial interviews, examination of personal belongings, and follow-up investigation. The private investigator Miami Beach South Beach who is successful in locating runaway juveniles builds a body of information through interviews with parents, friends, and relatives that focus on the runaway’s home situation and on his involvement with friends and activities.

The Located Runaway of a missing person

Assuming you have located a missing juvenile, the steps you should take are to notify parents or guardians of the child’s location, because they may have special instructions and will be anxious to know about the child’s status.

In the Wasser Agency, professional private investigators Miami Beach South Beach are put at your service to conduct missing person investigations or any other kind of investigations. We are located in Miami Beach, South Beach Florida.




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