Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach

Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach

Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach
Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach

Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach is the covert observation of people, places and vehicles, which law enforcement agencies and private detectives use to investigate allegations of illegal behavior. These techniques range from physical observation to the electronic monitoring of conversations. Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach also carries major risks, however. The detection of a private investigator’s presence in an area will compromise his future activities there. For undercover officers, any unmasking of their identity and purpose may result in injury or death.

Electronic Monitoring

Electronic monitoring, or wiretapping, refers to the private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach of email, fax, the Internet and telephone communications. This activity requires a court order to proceed, based on a U.S. government affidavit showing that a crime has been, is being or will be committed. However, if a person risks severe injury or death, the government can ask to start monitoring communications right away, the U.S. Department of Justice states. Similar exceptions are made for organized crime or national security cases. Once an order is granted, police agencies can identify criminal conspirators to deter or punish the offenders involved.

Fixed Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach

The fixed private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach, or “stakeout,” requires officers to surreptitiously observe people and places from a distance. Variations include the one- and two-person private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach methods. According to author and criminal justice professor Michael Palmiotto, the two-person approach is considered more desirable. It allows officers to periodically switch positions, reducing a suspect’s chances of spotting them. By contrast, an officer assigned to one-person private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach can’t take his eyes off the scene and has nobody to relieve him.

Stationary Technical Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach

In stationary technical private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach, the investigator installs a hidden camera and recording equipment in a parked car. The vehicle sits in an area that draws little attention, such as a parking lot. This technique is sometimes called unmanned private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach, according to the International Federation for Protection Officers. Investigators can record photo and video images at any time, reducing the need for humans to monitor a situation around the clock. Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach teams come and go as they wish, so the risk of discovery is smaller, too.

Three-Person Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach

Three-person private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach methods are more complex to run, but provide two bonuses, according to Palmiotto’s book, “Criminal Investigation.” Officers can change positions more often, which greatly reduces the possibility of detection.

Undercover Operations

Undercover operations amount to another form of private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach, but in this method the officer plays an active role in revealing criminal activities. For example, an undercover gang investigator might begin infiltrating the group by adopting the same hobbies or jobs as the suspects. To gain acceptance within the gang and build trust, the officer must also create a plausible cover story that explains his presence in the neighborhood.

One of the oldest and most common practices in investigative services remains the best option in most cases when real-time information is required. Mostly used as tools for private investigations but also a viable option in order to gather protective intelligence on a subject, private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach is a very useful tool to keep greased in your toolbox. Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach is a skill learned best through experience, however tactics and techniques can also be improved via tips and tricks from seasoned practitioners. Below we have compiled some very effective tactics, techniques and procedures for conducting private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach investigations, for both private investigators as well as for protective intelligence assignments.

On the Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach:

  • Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach
    Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach

    How your presence is perceived in your target environment is very important to the success of your private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach. ‘Fitting in’ and creating the illusion that you belong in order to effectively “hide in plain sight” is a very effective practice – sometimes being seen is better trying to remain hidden; hiding in plain sight to take advantage of the heuristics and geographics of that environment is difficult at times, but worth it.

  • Be very careful not to give up your face directly to the subject, and only do so if absolutely necessary. At all costs, avoid eye contact as your eyes will tell the target more than you would ever care to. Remember, even if someone looks directly at you that does not mean that they see you. Avoid reacting as if they are on to you and just carry on.
  • Avoid driving (or walking) by the target’s residence more than once per day unless absolutely necessary. You should prepare a story explaining why you are in that area and you can scatter ‘peepers’ such as a car seat/toys, laundry basket, etc. in plain view within the vehicle and do not leave anything revealing in view – camera, binoculars, notebook, etc.
  • You do not need a ‘Chester the Molester’ or ‘Free Candy’ van to work covert private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach cases without being seen and a van like that will stand out to every parent in the neighborhood. In most environments renting a common vehicle (Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, etc.) will be your best bet in blending in. Check the area ahead of time or even check Google Earth imagery to see the types of vehicles in the area and get what works. A business account with a big name renter usually means a standard car for $20-$30 a day, which is worth it.
  • Check Google Earth imagery for routes in and out of the location and familiarize yourself with the area. This will facilitate your staging area as to avoid sitting right in the house, and will also let you know ahead of time if multiple vehicles will be required.
  • It may help to get into the environment during the early morning hours as to avoid being seen entering the area and appear to have been there all night. Also consider insertion into the target area via someone dropping you off or parking the vehicle and walking away leaving you there to get a great spot. Remember, it is typically not the presence of the investigator that attracts attention – it is movement.
  • Avoid being observed with a camera in-hand as the act itself will draw attention. No one uses a camera anymore…with the capabilities of most smart phones today, consider using it as this is less alerting. Some phones (namely iPhones) can activate the shutter with the volume button and you can do this with the device to your ear as to appear like you are talking on the phone – which works very well. Additionally, there are free apps that will time/date/GPS stamp the photo or video.
  • Caution yourself when working cases near places where families children gather – playgrounds, schools, etc. as you might find yourself surrounded by some very suspicious and emotional parents and consider the legality of who is in your photos and video as well.
  • Start the day with a full tank of gas and clean the windshield and all glass on your vehicle so you can utilize your mirrors on your vehicle to shoot video and take photos to reduce movement and reduce frontal exposure. Make sure you note in your report if a photo was shot through a mirror.
  • Conduct a pre-private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach investigation and/or read all prior reports on the case, and know the places your target frequently visits. In being ‘creatures of habit,’ it may be your best bet to check your map and go to the closest location upon losing contact.
  • Find a peculiar characteristic (sticker, damage, etc.) of the vehicle you are following or place an identifier, such as a sticker placed in the center of the tail light. If in a high traffic area at night, an IR chem light affixed under the vehicle with an IR Viewer in hand works like a charm.
  • If you can work as a male/female team you will be much less likely to be noticed; hold a hand, flirt, etc. You can even get creative, taking pictures of the target making it look like you are taking pictures of each other.
  • Be especially proactive on mobile private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach; anticipate turns, stops and traffic interferences and consider your lane position carefully. The best way to learn this skill is through experience or by a ride along with a seasoned practitioner who verbalizes their thoughts as they work.
  • When static, avoid things that will distract you from the target, such as Facebook, games, crosswords, etc. and if you must, bring the item to eye level in order to keep the target in your peripheral vision to maximize the observance of movement or change.

Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach Tips


  • The capability of taking clear digital video and still photos from 100 yards is critical – date and time stamped with GPS stamp are also important. Also consider a covert camera, such as a pen or button camera which can come in handy if in a small area, such as a small restaurant. Binoculars or a monocular are useful in reducing the use of your camera.
  • A voice recorder and notepad are also essential to keep chronological notes. Smartphones usually have voice recorders and you can even speak your notes into it.
  • At least one extra set of clothes with a hat so you can change your clothing and accessories (hats, sunglasses, etc.) throughout the assignment – especially if you have had close contact with the target; plan for all weather conditions as well.
  • Food, water and a method of relieving yourself to avoid moving your vehicle or getting out of the vehicle are very important as the excessive movement is likely to raise interest.
  • Check all electronic devices for the proper date and time setting, fully charged batteries and an extra battery is always a good thing.
  • A vehicle with fog lights is a great asset – this affords you the option of changing the head light pattern of the vehicle in chase throughout the private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach which may reduce the chances of the subject identifying you over the course of the private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach.

Report Writing:

  • Write your report to satisfy the client AND the end user – i.e. the client’s attorney. Write in the third person, “The investigator arrived…..” and remember, many people will never see you but will know you and judge you by how you write and how you have conducted the private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach.
  • Stay on topic in your report and satisfy the intent of the request. If it is not pertinent to the case, it does not belong in the report, such as if it’s a worker’s compensation injury case, know the injury and continually address in the report how the injury is consistent or inconsistent with the target’s current behavior and mobility and the fact the target/claimant is functioning inside or outside of those restrictions in your report.

Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach is one of the most important services that a private investigator performs. In my experience, private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach is one of the best ways to the get information that the client needs.  Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach is a highly rewarding process if done correctly. Every private investigator has their own style and methodology. Listed below are some of the things that have made my private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach missions have great success.

1.Client Intake

When you first speak with a client, it’s important to get all of the information you can so that you can have a successful outcome. Investigators often don’t ask enough questions. To be successful on private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach, an investigator has to ask the client many questions, even difficult questions.  Clients tend to give the minimum amount of information to the private investigator.

Pro Tip: If your client can, ask him/her to snap a quick pic of the target the same day as private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach. This will help you identify clothing and hairstyle, especially if you are picking your subject out of a crowd. If you are following your target from the airport, ask them how many bags of luggage the target took. This will help you determine if the target will get delayed at baggage, which is a great way to funnel the target to his pickup point. Fill out the details during the initial interview. Likewise, ask about doctor appointments, marital status, hobbies and the number of children the subject has.

  1. Private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach Vehicle

Having a working and private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach ready vehicle is paramount to a good private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach investigation. There are many vehicles that a private investigator can use. Color and shape of the vehicle are key. A private investigator’s vehicle must blend in with traffic. Choose a dull color and shape that could be considered ‘every man’s car.’ If you go out on private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach with a bright red hot rod, your chances of getting made have just gone up. Also, having good window tint is paramount. When someone hires a private eye, the client expects results. Having a good private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach vehicle increases the chances of those results.

  1. Check The Scene Beforehand

Prior to the first private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach, a PI will either check the street set up on satellite imagery (Google Maps/Earth) and/or drive around the subject’s neighborhood. This is important to mission success!

  1. Starting Time

Pro Tip: I’m always early. A private detective should always be early to private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach. I can’t tell you how many times a client protested to me being early, but it ended up saving the case. If the client tells you that your target is leaving the house at 9 am, be there at 8:15. You never know, your target just might decide to leave early.

5.Position Yourself

Once on scene, a private detective only has several chances to get the set-up right. When on the scene, I like to ‘feel the vibe’ of the neighborhood. I can’t explain it, but each individual neighborhood and street have its own mood. On some streets, I feel like I could do cartwheels down the street and no one would care (I would never, though!). On other streets, I feel like the whole neighborhood is watching me.

  1. Meal/Restroom Breaks

Expect to spend the day in the car. Bring a cooler with refreshments. Apples give as much energy as a cup of coffee. But make your meals quick and easy to reach. Bathroom breaks aren’t possible. I won’t mention in this blog how a private investigator takes care of business – if you use your imagination long enough I am confident that you can figure it out

  1. Leave Books At Home and Beware of the Cell Phone!

You will miss something important unless you are vigilant. A private detective spends the quiet times running through private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach scenarios in his/her mind, and examining exit routes. Everyone has a cell phone. It’s a fact of life private investigators check their cell phones. I like to employ the 10-second rule. As I check, I count to ten in my mind and look up. If a private detective follows the 10-second rule, it’s almost guaranteed that they will not lose their target when they leave.

  1. Steady Hands Win Out

When a video is necessary, be sure you can hold the camera steady. Your client may not appreciate feeling as though he or she is on a rolling ship when reviewing the scenes. PI services require professional equipment to provide amazing video. I also recommend using Sony camcorders with nightshot. We try to only use cameras that employ 1080p and 720p high definition. Our client’s feel like they are watching a movie, and if requested, we can use 4K as well.

  1. Following in Traffic

A private investigator is ready at a moment’s notice for tailing. When starting a follow, I memorize the tail lights and any distinguishing features; especially at night. Look for bumper stickers, body damage, brake light shapes, anything unique so you can easily spot it. You want to avoid tailgating, but still be close enough to catch the traffic lights with your subject. Traffic follows can be tricky. We have three private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach rules:

  • Safety of the Investigator
  • Safety of the people around us
  • Safety of the person we are following- In fact, as the owner and Executive Investigator, I feel a special obligation to ensure that the subject is safe, never feels distressed, and never knows we are there!
  1. Professional Report Writing

Report writing must be clean, precise, and court ready. A private detective must use language that can be read in a court of law. I cannot stress this enough: When conducting a private surveillance Miami Beach South Beach investigation, or any investigation, a Private Eye must treat the investigation as though it were going to court!




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