Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach

Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach

Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach
Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach

Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach

Investigator agency in Miami Beach and South Beach

Although requests for divorce investigations have fallen considerably since the Law on Divorce Express was passed (it is not necessary to argue anything to file a divorce petition), requests for investigations from private investigator agencies in the family remain a high percentage of the services we offer in Miami Beach. Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Today, the actions of the investigators focus mainly on processes of modification of measure, that is, to look for reliable facts that can be provided as expert evidence in a trial. Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Keep in mind that only private investigators are those who can ratify their testimonies about private investigations in court and their reports are decisive evidence in the resolution of their case. In which an investigation can be requested. Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Compensatory and food pension

Investigators focus on finding evidence that proves what the income of the spouse is, focusing the investigations on their assets, economic and employment situation. Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Sometimes, it is uncovered that the couple is actually working more hours than the declared or income whose existence was unknown. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


Scheme of visits of children and custody

The investigators conduct a thorough inspection so that the Courts of Miami Beach decide which father is the most suitable to have the custody of the children. Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

We also investigate if all the obligations with the minor are met, to request a modification of custody measures in the event that this is not the case. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


Gender violence

The services provided by our investigator agency are highly effective to certify that the restraining order is observed or to monitor the abuser. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.



Sometimes, both men and women, show interest in knowing if their partners are being unfaithful or maintain unwanted behavior.

In these cases, the surveillance of the investigators allows to quickly discover the routines and activities of the couple. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


Doubts when hiring investigator agencies in Miami Beach

It is important to know that the recordings made by people not accredited as private investigators do not serve as valid evidence in a court, since they do not have the relevant permission to do so.

However, our private investigators in Miami Beach can legally carry out investigations and prepare valid reports in judicial proceedings because our activity is regulated by the Private Security Law 5/2014 of April 4 and, in addition, we are required to be qualified through a recognized diploma. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Whenever a private investigator is hired, it is advisable to request the Professional Identification Card to guarantee that it is accredited as such.

Another issue that often involves uncertainty among those who want to hire investigators in Miami Beach is the issue of prices. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

The fees vary depending on the investigation and the trips made. The Wasser will advise you free of charge on the most appropriate investigation techniques for your case and we will guide you with respect to the fees, something important to avoid extra costs and surcharges.

However, if you have any doubts, it is best to contact us directly or visit our facilities where we will inform you and clarify all the issues that you usually have when you need a private investigation for the first time. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Whether issues of child watch, investigation of inheritance, fraud in schooling processes, investigations of paternity or maternity, or preparation of pre-marital reports, we address a very varied topic within the family. Also the location of relatives is a classic of our investigator agency in Miami Beach.

All the topics are approached with the delicacy they require, but also taking into account the informative purpose and treating the issues with veracity and professionalism, from our extensive experience and knowledge. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Recommendations for hiring a private investigator

If you are in need of the services of a Private Investigator, we suggest 7 recommendations that you should consider before hiring:

  1. Never start the investigation on your own or send a family member to do it for you

It is very likely that the investigation will be discovered and “burned” by putting the researcher on alert; this would greatly dictate the possibility of obtaining the desired information.

Remember that in the U.S the only professional authorized by the Ministry of the Interior to carry out any private investigation is the Investigator. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.



  1. Check the Professional Identity Card (TIP) that the investigator must possess.

You must make sure that the investigator you have contacted is an authorized professional trained by the Ministry of the Interior. An authorized investigator must have his TIP. It is a card issued by the General Directorate of the Police that enables it for the development of its investigator functions. This aspect is very important so that it does not “fall into the hands” of people who are masquerading as Private Investigator (professional intrusion). . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. Choose who inspires you the most

Not the cheapest offer. You should not look for the professional who does the “cheapest” research. We know that the economy is an important factor. But remember that the investigator will provide personal or business information of a sensitive or condemn nature.

So you should have full confidence in it and not get carried away by the cheapest proposal. Remember what they say, “sometimes the cheap is expensive”… Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. Do not hire the first investigator to contact.

We recommend contacting different investigator agencies to compare them and then decide which one to work with. It is important that you are satisfied and satisfied with the research that is being done. And even more so with the professional who develops it. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. Investigators with experience.

Each investigation is different and they tend to be more complex than they really seem and at first. It is important to hire a Private Investigator with experience in the type of investigation to be carried out. That is able to control the infinity of variables that can influence an investigation. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. Establish synergies between your lawyer and the investigator.

In order to get the best possible performance to the investigation. It is recommended that the lawyer participates in the planning of the investigation. Especially in setting the objectives of the information and evidence needed for decision making by you or for your contribution in a decisive and favorable to a judicial process. Obtaining evidence or evidence is essential to reach a judicial decision in our favor. Or to place ourselves in a position of privileged negotiation. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. Be Advised

Remember that when hiring a Private Investigator you are hiring a private research professional with knowledge and experience. Success to be able to perform your research in the best way possible and thus be able to obtain the evidence you need. Should allow advice by the professional. Although you have your own idea of ​​how to carry out the investigation or how to obtain information and/or evidence that you need. Do not forget that the Private Investigator is the expert and although you will hear the arguments that you. Expose and take into account their points of view, you should let yourself be advised as the professional is the true connoisseur of all the ramifications and legal and practical consequences that can be derived from any investigation. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


Private Investigation Services

  1. The services of private investigations, carried out by private investigators, will consist in carrying out the investigations that are necessary to obtain and provide, on behalf of legitimated third parties, information and evidence on conduct or private facts related to the following aspects:


  1. Those related to the economic, labor, mercantile, financial and, in general, to the personal, family or social life, except for the one that develops in the domiciles or reserved places. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. The obtaining of information tending to guarantee the normal development of the activities that take place in fairs, hotels, exhibitions, shows, contests, conventions, large commercial surfaces, public places of great concurrence or analogous areas. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. Conducting inquiries and obtaining information and evidence relating to crimes that can only be prosecuted at the request of a party on behalf of the subjects legitimated in the criminal process. Although, for a Private Investigator to accept an investigation, the Law specifies the following:


  1. The accreditation, by the applicant of the investigation service, of a legitimate interest. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. Under no circumstances may intimate life be investigated, nor may personal, material or technical means be used in this type of service in such a way as to violate the right to honor, to personal or family privacy, or to one’s own image, or to the secret of communications, or data protection. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. The offices of investigators and private investigators in charge of investigations will watch over the rights of their clients with respect to those of the subjects investigated. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

  1. The private investigation services will be executed with respect to the principles of reasonableness, necessity, suitability and proportionality. A Private Investigator, after having a meeting with a possible client in which he exposes firsthand the objectives of the investigation to be carried out, will verify that said required investigation is within those contemplated in the Private Security Law. Next, the Private Investigator having accredited the legitimate interest on behalf of the client, proceeds to the firm of a service contract where all the necessary data to carry out the investigation will be recorded. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

The client must provide all the data and information possible. It is important to note that the more data you provide to the Private Investigator, the more help you will give to the investigation and even help to reduce the time it takes.

Every Private Investigator is aware that any research is aimed at obtaining useful and operational information that can provide the necessary data for decision-making both at a private and business level. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Once the service provider contract has been signed between the Private Investigator and the client, apart from checking the information provided by the client, the first step to start an investigation is to search for information in open sources, such as search engines. Web type Google, since any information that we can obtain in these sources will be of great help at the time of preparing the case. Likewise, the Private Investigator will begin to collect data, information, documentation, etc. … through more complex or specialized sources and through operational or field management. Once the phase of a collection of information, it proceeds to the analysis of the same in order to turn it into intelligence or useful information. Thus, once all the information is finalized, we will be able to structure the work to be followed and determine the means to be used. Logical decisions can be made on how to focus the field research.

Once we have determined the human resources to be used and the physical, technical and telematics mean necessary to approach the investigation, together with the client, the service to be performed is planned, schedules, dates, places, etc….. Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


How much to pay for an infidelity investigator | Private infidelity investigations

If you are in the U.S and you need to get some information about your partner to check some infidelity, you must cautiously hire a private investigator in infidelity, belonging to the Wasser, because they are a group of qualified people worldwide, guaranteeing a good job. They provide the best research service in the entire city, as they have the best investigator instruments in the market, in addition to having the most capable group of high-level professionals, at the best price in the U.S.


We have always wondered how much money is what must be paid for the services provided by a private investigator of infidelity, belonging to the Wasser Investigators. Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


When hiring a private investigator we always want him to be the best in all possible aspects, but we always ask ourselves how to get it? Well we must investigate which, with the investigator agencies of greater renown and prestige, one of them for example is the Group


The Wasser Investigators, which is recognized as one of the best research organizations in the U.S, because they have the best technological equipment on the market so far, the most qualified and trained professionals and with a set of establishments throughout the entire Spanish territory. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


The director and creator of the Wasser, has all the conditions worthy of a professional because apart from having a broad curriculum is also a high-level computer with great skills and skills for technology, is a great private investigator with many years of experience and also has the knowledge related to the private security environment.


If you want to hire the services provided by a private investigator, belonging to The Wasser Investigators, you should only go to our facilities and request the service you want. Discretion is our best ally since it is the essence of a competent private investigator and that is why in our organization always acts with discretion. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

The costs of a private investigator of infidelities usually fluctuate according to the service required, the person that needs to be mobilized, the work tools used, the hours of work invested, the time in which the work is carried out, the difficulty of the work and the season of the year. It is for this reason that there is no fixed price for the public.

Now you do not necessarily have to pay a fortune to hire a good private investigator of infidelities, it is a mistake to think that the higher the cost, the better the service. Our company has the lowest prices of all the competition and we are one of the most prestigious companies in the whole country, with a large number of satisfied customers throughout the world who blindly recommend our services. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

So if you want a job well done at the best cost do not hesitate to hire our services. Do not pay a fortune for a service that our company can offer you up to almost half the price of the competition. Our service is totally guaranteed.

5 Signs to Detect an Infidelity:

Now, the question we all ask ourselves is; how can we detect that our partner is unfaithful?

From our professional experience, we mentioned 5 signs to Detect Infidelity, always according to our investigator perspective:


  1. Change of Attitude.

Usually when our partner is unfaithful, there is usually a change of attitude towards us. He usually avoids questions like how was your day. Where have you been? They often confuse a couple’s interest with control. His mood is usually bipolar, changing emotions without reason. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. The decrease in sexual activity.

A person who is being unfaithful is often not receptive to having sex with his partner, excusing himself with fatigue, lack of encouragement or work stress. It should be noted that many infidelities are due to a low sexual life in the couple, which causes the search for a third person to satisfy this need. We should also be alert to possible changes in sexual behavior. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. Behavior changes.

When using new technologies such as mobile, laptop, tablet, Internet, etc. … the “unfaithful” person becomes more cautious with their privacy. If your partner has always been one of those who had no problem in letting you see you’re mobile. It allowed him to look

Your email or your social networks. One clue to possible indelibility is that for no apparent reason they become more suspicious of your privacy. Change the passwords in the mobile, in the computer, always delete the history of visited pages, use the incognito mode … they are details to observe. As also the fact that now they no longer like to be watched by their mobile phones or try to control them through social networks. Sometimes they are even “vigilant” while recharging these devices to prevent anyone from snooping. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Other Behaviors of the Possible Infidel

Although there are many examples that can be listed. Other new behaviors, not denial, of the possible “infidelity”. They can be removing the sound of calls or notices from different networks or messaging services like, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Have installed in your mobile device contacts application, visits to websites of this theme for sexual encounters or to meet another person.

These new communication systems facilitate personal relationships. Thus the mobile has become an extension of the person and we are hardly going anywhere without him. But how the counterpart allows us to discover many of our behaviors, relationships or changes in habits. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.

  1. Change of social environment.

The circle of friends changes or expands. It begins to exclude the couple in some way, shows greater concern for the physical aspect, is arranged and cared for more, the wardrobe is renewed….. Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.


  1. Unexpected and suspicious expenses.

One way to detect infidelities, according to investigators, is to check that there have been unexpected or strange expenses such as restaurants, hotels, new clothes, etc … Be wary if these expenses were not common before. It is usual for

Private investigators to investigate an infidelity, find us with expenses in gifts, trips and restaurants. . Private investigation companies Miami Beach South Beach.





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