Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach

Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach

Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach
Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach

In addition to its importance as a tourist center and as a second residence for US citizens, Miami is a vital meeting point between the Spanish and American economies. There are many Spaniards who reside regularly or punctually in Miami or travel there for business purposes. All this has made Miami one of our research priorities. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

We have the collaboration of numerous private detective Companies of the place and with the possibility of moving personally if the situation so requires.

Our agreements with detective Companies in Miami offer you the totality of the services offered by our agency although due to their great demand we must highlight the following:


If your partner travels to Miami, with friends or for a business trip, our detectives can inform you of all your movements in the area: places you visit, times of life and the companies you frequent. With this information, true and with numerous videos and photographs, you can check if your behavior is appropriate.

Stop suffering thinking about what may be happening; verify it in a truthful and professional way, with the confidence that our team of detectives in Miami will keep you informed of the reality in detail. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.



In recent years the number of people hiding in places like Miami and surrounding areas, where the high number of foreign people makes them go unnoticed, has grown alarmingly. If the person you are looking for is in Miami, our team of private detectives will locate you and obtain proof for you of your place of residence. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.



If your potential partners, suppliers or clients are in Miami, we can offer you the information you need for your decision making. Our team of detectives and mystery clients will offer you information from the place. Do not blindly trust the information they provide, check it with our research service.

If you want truthful information, hire The Wasser Agency, our team of detectives is serious and effective and our sales team will assist you, before and during the investigation, in a personal way, 24 hours a day. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


How private detectives work

Thanks to television series, books, and movies, many people have come to create an idea in their minds about how private detectives work.

We imagine them working in a messy office, with little light and full of tobacco smoke, located in an area of ​​the city very little traveled, where it receives a series of clients. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


Generally, his work is related to the search for evidence of certain facts. To do this, he obtains valuable information from witnesses, sometimes with the help of false pretensions and identifications.

Search buildings, take photographs, follow witnesses and put your 5 senses to find clues that others may have missed. At times, their curiosity has led them to get into serious dangers and manage to escape when they have been caught in unexpected places. But, at the end of the whole, he returns to his client, letting him know that he has solved his case. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Many fictional detectives have managed to contribute their bit to create this image on how private detectives work, including of course the famous Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe, Hercules Poirot and different protagonists of the film noir of the 40s and 50s.

Some researchers deprived of current culture, such as Veronica Mars or Adrian Monk, have also influenced their own form, but they are often much more extravagant than their predecessors. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

They do not have their office in sinister buildings, they do not wear felt hats, and they have stopped self-proclaiming themselves as private investigators. However, they still look like heroes in front of the audience because they always have a trick to expose information about the case at the right time.

But is all this true? How much of the movies we’ve seen is true? In this article, we want to show you how private detectives work and what your work really involves. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Basic Concepts and activities of a Private Investigator

Essentially, private investigators are people who are paid for the search, verification, and processing of information. They work for private individuals and companies. Your job is to gather information, not stop or prosecute the criminals.

Private investigators have existed for over 150 years, Pinkerton Detective Agency; the most famous agency in the USA was founded in 1850. It achieved fame by breaking strikes, but also made several contributions in the fields of law enforcement and research. It also gave rise to the concept of police file and the term “private detective” that came from its original logo. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Today, a quarter of private investigators in the US are self-employed. Another quarter works for law enforcement and security Companies. The rest work for financial institutions, credit, collection services and other businesses. Many choose to specialize in a specific field based on their background and training. For example, someone with a business degree could become a business researcher. A researcher with experience in patents and trademarks could focus on the theft of intellectual property and a public accountant specializes in fraud and financial investigation. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


Many commercial establishments hire detectives to prevent and investigate theft and theft. Although the position does not always include the word “investigator” or “detective”, these employees generally do research work. Some hotels and casinos also employ detectives to protect clients and help investigate thefts or misdemeanors that occur within the property. In some cases, these investigators also serve as security guards.

Although in real life clients are not damsels in distress of marital infidelity, case types often include background investigations, surveillance, uncovering clues, or searches for missing persons. They can also go after the search for legal documents, notify people of their participation in legal proceedings. In the US, this is part of the due process guaranteed in Amendments V and 14 of the Constitution. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


Activities of a Private Investigator

Tasks vary depending on the experience of a detective. Someone who specializes in intellectual property investigates the theft, counterfeiting or usurpation of a trademark. In New York, for example; some owners hire investigators to determine if their tenants are violating leases. In such cases, the investigators seek physical evidence, violations or infractions such as subletting or using the residence for purposes other than those established in the contract.

Finding the perpetrator of an unresolved crime may seem to have little in common with a background check or finding reasons for a tenant’s eviction. But all of them involve the same basic task: gathering information and organizing the facts. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


The solution of a case begins with planning and analysis, every researcher must:

  • Discuss the case with the client and determine if it is legal, ethical and possible to resolve. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.
  • Prepare a plan and a budget to gather the necessary information. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.
  • Execute the investigation and collect the evidence. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.
  • Analyze the evidence. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Inform the client of the results.

A good private investigator uses multiple sources of information to solve a case. The most common source is surveillance and monitoring. The basic idea behind surveillance is simple – follow the objective where you are going and with whom you meet. In fact, the surveillance may not be so simple, it is usually a long, tedious process and with no possibility of rest. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


Surveillance often involves skill with a camera and long hours in the car.

They can also interview suspects and witnesses, although the person interviewed has no legal obligation to speak with the investigator.

For this reason, the process often involves time spent building relationships around the interviewee. In addition, some investigators use pretexts or tricks to obtain information from people who might otherwise be reluctant to talk to them. But cheating for information may have some legal and ethical implications. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Public records are another source of information, in many of these citizens can access by themselves. However, private investigators generally know who to ask and how to access information easily. These investigations usually include:

  • Tax records. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.
  • Real estate purchase and sale operations. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.
  • Records of births, marriages, and deaths. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.
  • Court proceedings. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.
  • Electoral records, social security among others. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.
  • Licenses or permits. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

In addition to collecting information, private investigators know how to analyze it and present it to their clients. The private investigator and the law When a private detective puts on a cap with the logo of a cable company in a television series, he takes a folder and asks questions about When a neighbor will be at home, he is using a ruse to obtain information. This technique is known as pretexts and ruses, and while it is not always illegal, critics argue that it is often unethical. Others claim that the end justifies the means – if a disguise and false identification is used to clarify a case – then it was worth the risk. However, in some cases, this technique could be in contravention of the law: In the US, like other parts of the world, using false pretenses and tricks to gain access to a person’s telephone records or to Obtaining information from a financial institution is a violation of federal law. Another common scenario in detective stories involves intrusion or burglary. In most countries, entering private property without the permission of the owner or tenant is illegal. For this reason, private investigators usually carry out property surveillance in public areas to avoid legal problems. In other cases, listening or monitoring the private telephone using recording devices or wiretapping is also usually illegal. Some critics they believe that the work of private investigators is an invasion of the privacy of the people. A series of laws and constitutional amendments protect the privacy of people in many countries around the world. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


What is the work of a private detective?

The first step to separate fiction from reality is only to define what it means to be a private detective. Private detectives are the people who charge for meeting certain requirements.

Unlike investigators of crime scenes or police detectives, they work on their own for companies or individuals, rather than for public administrations. Even though their services help solve crimes, they are not official bodies of the law. Your work is limited to getting information and not arresting or arresting criminals. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

That is why private detectives are not the heroes that we believe they are. Actually, they work on their own or for private detective Companies.

Depending on the studies or field in which the detective has specialized, he will be assigned to one or another area of ​​research, which is why the detective Companies usually have experts in each of the main areas, so that, in this way, they can offer a professional service. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Private detectives in a divorce

In matters of divorce, private detectives are one of the best options for any of the parties to the litigation. Currently, the number of cases of disagreement between the couple that is close to separation makes it virtually necessary the presence of a detective to provide evidence that one of the two involved is lying or not able to meet certain obligations.


In general, this person is hired by one or both parties and their role in the litigation is fundamental, especially when there are children involved and they want to discuss the amount of support or custody of these. The judge must, in addition to reaching an agreement with people close to divorce, carefully study each test and decide their decision based on them. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


Private detectives and their importance in cases of infidelity

It is very common that when one of the spouses alleges the infidelity of the other, he denies it by all means, for this reason, the affected party seeks the help of a detective who can collect, based on their experience and working methods. , the necessary indications that serve as proof of the infidelity of the other spouse. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

They are very requested to solve problems related to the maintenance and custody of minors

The case can be presented that the couple who is divorcing have children within the marriage and want to discuss partial or complete custody. The problem lies in the ability to have each, both monetarily and psychologically and, taking into account that the upbringing of a child is not simple, you have to show which of the two is more suitable to have custody of the child (ren). Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

The detective has the job of investigating the financial capacity of the parents, if they are fully responsible for the child’s care and if they fulfill their psychological responsibilities demanded by a child, etc.

It’s what we do at Larry Detectives; we help you through the divorce process. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

It also takes into account the work of a detective to modify the decisions of the judge

In the remote case that the judge has issued a favorable decision for one of the spouses and it turns out that the latter does not fulfill the responsibilities for which he or she would have committed, the detective presents the evidence and a final report of his investigation and from there the modifications. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Simplified divorce

The divorce, therefore, is the legal or religious dissolution of the marriage by agreement between both parties or by the violation of any of the matrimonial rights or obligations. The legislation usually provides protection for both women and children born during the bond.

When the law or religion does not allow divorce, the separation takes place in fact, with no other support than the dissolution of the relationship and the estrangement of both people. A simplified divorce is an inexpensive way to end a marriage. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


In order to file a simplified divorce, both parties must meet the following requirements:

There cannot be any minor or dependent child born of their marriage and the wife cannot be pregnant. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

If there are properties, the division of property must have been agreed upon and, at the time of the initial appearance, a written division of property agreement must be filed with the court.

You cannot have any outstanding financial obligation.

One of the parties must have been a resident of Florida for at least six months prior to the date of the divorce petition and his or her residence must be substantiated by a witness. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

The two parties must complete a marriage resolution agreement.

If your spouse and you do not meet all of these requirements, we cannot assist you in preparing your divorce petition. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

How to submit the petition

To file a simplified divorce petition, both parties must appear together, in person, at the “Lawson E. Thomas” Court. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Both parties must present a valid Florida identification, with photo and signature.

They can bring a witness at the time of requesting a divorce or present a certificate authenticated by a notary with the name of the corroboration witness. At the time of appearance, the witness must also present a valid Florida identification, for example, a Florida driver’s license or a Florida identification card. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

The final date of the hearing is approximately 30 days after the filing date of the divorce application.



See the list of fees for a complete list of our current fees. Payments are accepted in cash or by cashier’s check, money order or Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards; the payment is not refundable. Personal checks are not accepted. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

Laws that protect the privacy in the U.S

There can be no doubt about the fundamental dimension that privacy has achieved in the constitutional system of the United States. The analysis of the diachronic process of conceptualization and constitutional protection that is concluded here reveals the growing tendency to guarantee privacy as a fundamental good in the scale of juridical-constitutional interests. Interests related to the individual sphere and formulated in terms of secrecy, solitude, autonomy, personality development, freedom of choice in personal matters and control of personal information, so that privacy is the foundation and guarantee of fundamental freedoms, so cases of wiretapping and electronic surveillance of the Fourth Amendment and guarantees against self-incrimination of the Fifth Amendment. Likewise, the rights to abortion or the performance of consensual homosexual practices between adults were forged by requiring privacy spheres constitutionally protected by the substantive freedom of the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Consequently, the right to privacy is unique in the constitutional system of the United States, since it can only be granted at the expense of other fundamental freedoms expressly recognized in the United States Constitution, inextricably linked and intertwined by the same right to privacy. Thus, the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments give foundation to different facets of privacy, so that constitutionally the right to privacy is linked to four of the first ten Amendments, to five of the fourteen first, and the “emanations derived from the penumbra areas” to the entire Bill of Rights. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

In short, the protection of privacy is a foundational presupposition of the existence of an active and participatory citizenship, the very essence of the democratic State. If a private life protected by undesirable interference allows free development of the personality if the protection of privacy fosters the development of individual autonomy and personal self-determination, all aspects that ultimately promote a more active and participatory citizenship, its protection is also a determining criterion of the democratic character of every society. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

A society under surveillance becomes a conformist and passive society that alienates the democratic system itself. The protection of individual privacy thus contributes to the vitality of the sphere public and therefore to political and social dynamism. Hence, the constitutional protection of the privacy zones that ensure our individual autonomy is, at the same time, a condition and guarantee of the democratic system. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

This is, in short, the foundation that rests in the defense of the privacy of Judge Douglas in Osborn v. United States, when it affirmed that the constitutional recognition of large zones of privacy safe from any external interference constitutes the foundational presupposition of every free society157. For everything, nothing better than to conclude with the terms used by the same judge Douglas in 1952, affirming with him that «the right to be left alone is the principle of all freedom». Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


Constitution sections that defend the privacy

SECTION 23. Right to privacy. – Every person shall have the right to be left alone and free from governmental interference in the private life of said person, except when provided in this document. This section shall not be construed as limiting the right of the public to have access to public records and meetings as provided by law. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.


SECTION 24. Access to public records and meetings.-

(a) Every person shall have the right to inspect or copy any public record made or received in connection with official affairs of any public body, official or employee of the State or persons acting on their behalf, except with respect to the records exempted under this section. Or specifically denominated confidential by this Constitution. This section specifically includes the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government and each agency or department created under it, counties, municipalities and districts, and each constitutional officer, board and commission, or entity created by law or this Constitution. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.

(b) All meetings of any public collegiate body of the executive branch of the state government or of a public collegiate body of county, municipality, school district, or special district, where official acts shall be taken or where public affairs of said organism shall be processed or discussed, shall be opened and notified to the public, and the sessions of the legislature shall be open and announced in accordance with the provisions of Article III, Section 4 (e), except with respect to meetings exempted under this section or specifically closed under this Constitution.

(c) This section will be self-executing. The legislature, however, may provide by general law approved by the vote of two thirds of each chamber, the exemption of registrations subject to subsection (a) and the exemption of meetings subject to subsection (b), provided that said The law indicates precisely what is the public need that justifies the exemption and that is not broader than necessary to achieve the stated purpose of said law. The legislature shall enact laws that govern the application of this section, including the maintenance, control, destruction, disposal and disposition of public records in this section, except that each chamber of the legislature may adopt norms that govern the application of this section in relation to the records of the legislative branch. Laws promulgated pursuant to this subsection shall only include exemptions to the requirements of subsections (a) or (b) and provisions that regulate the application of this section, and will only address one subject.

(d) All laws that are in effect on July 1, 1993, that limit public access to records or meetings shall remain in effect, and such laws shall apply to the records of the legislative and judicial branches, up to that are repealed. Regulations of the Court that are in force on the date of adoption of this section that limit access to the records will remain in effect until they are repealed. Private investigator Companies Miami Beach South Beach.




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