Throughout the past 30 years, The Wasser Agency has been hired by some of the largest financial institutions and Insurance companies in the world to locate hidden assets.

Our investigators are experienced in not only retrieving information through databases and database sources, but we also utilize our creative methods to uncover hidden assets.

Some of the asset searches we can provide are:

  • Property Ownership.
  • Vehicle Ownership.
  • Aircraft Ownership.
  • Watercraft Ownership.
  • Bankruptcy Filings.
  • Corporations.
  • Hidden Money.
  • Hidden Artwork.
  • And More.

Database Searches

The Wasser Agency prides itself in having wide-range access to several state-wide and national databases. Below is a list of some of the information that we can provide you with.

  • Changes of Address.
  • Driving Histories.
  • Florida Boat Registrations.
  • Professional Regulations.
  • Florida Automobile Accident Reports.
  • State and Federal Criminal Histories.
  • National FAA Aircraft Registrations.
  • Telephone Number Traces.
  • Property Search (call for State Availability).
  • Bankruptcies/Judgments/Liens – Nationwide.
  • Social Security Traces and Wildcard Searches.
  • Law Enforcement Victim/Subject Searches.
  • Federal Suits and UCC filings.
  • Address Verification.
  • Corporations – Nationwide.
  • Dun and Bradstreet Reports.
  • Dade County Civil and Criminal.
  • Public Records Research.
  • Florida Marriage and Divorce.
  • Newspaper Searches.
  • Death Records.
  • Asset Searches.

Basically, you name it and we can do it! Our database searches start at $25.